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The most famous Chinese green tea is certainly Long Jing Tea (Dragon Well Tea), which is grown in the mountains around the West Lake area of Hangzhou in the central coastal province of Zhejiang- an area believed by the Chinese to be proof of Heaven on Earth. Long Jing, or Dragon Well, was named after a well near the Old Long Jing Temple some 1700 years ago. One legend goes that while digging this well during the Ming Dynasty, the person found an unique dragon-shaped stone and from that time on called it Dragon Well. Long Jing tea was made famous by the Qing Emperors who loved Hangzhou City, most notably by Emperor Qian Long. While visiting Hu Gong Temple, Emperor Qian Long thought so highly of the Long Jing that he claimed the eighteen tea bushes for himself ranking them as Tribute Tea Trees. These trees still exist and visitors can admire them at the foot of Shi Feng Mountain.

In 1949, the Chinese government standardized Long Jing to be three kinds, Shi Feng Long Jing (Lion Peak Dragon Well), Mei Jia Wu Long Jing and Xi Hu Long Jing (West Lake Long Jing). Since experts have identified the original place of West Lake Long Jing to be in Shi Feng, it is the only place that has the honor to contribute tea for China Zhong Nan Hai (Chinese White House). Shi Feng Long Jing is considered the best quality Longjing, followed by Mei Jia Wu Longjing and Weng Jia Shan Longjing while they all belong to Xihu Longjing Tea. We also provide Dafo Longjing which is seen as one of the great Zhejiang Longjing Teas produced outside of West Lake during recent years.

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