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The most common shape of Pu Erh tea is in round and flat shape that looks like a piece of pizza. But the original shape of Pu Erh tea is loose leaf form that is just like green tea. If we are to select Pu Erh in its producing area in Yunnan, the Pu Erh prepared for tasting is mostly in loose leaf form. It is the trader who purchase loose leaf Pu Erh and compress it into whatever shape that we desire. The reason to compress Loose Pu Erh Tea is for logistics convenience. Compressed form is less bulky and therefore much easier to carry for long distance traveling. The shape of Pu Erh has nothing to do with its quality, unless manufacturer made a mistake while drying.

One of the advantages of the loose form is that there are many whole leaves to be found. This makes studying the origin, type and quality of the leaf material easier. It's also easier to prepare small samplers. And the price per gram is also lower than for pressed cakes, because it comes without any wrapping paper and neifei. It's like a 'no label' product. Know More About Pu Erh Tea>>

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  Loose Ripe Pu Erh Tea Wholesale   Aged Royal Puerh Tea   1990s Wild Ripe Puerh Loose leaf Tea Wholesale  
  Loose Ripe Pu Erh Special Grade
Menghai 2008 Spring
Art No PRS52
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  Aged Royal Ripe Pu Erh Tea
Menghai 2007 Spring
Art No PRR34
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  Wild Arbor Ripe Pu Erh Tea
Menghai 1995
Art No PRT02
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  Mengku Ancient Tree Raw Puerh Tea   Mengku Raw Pu Erh Wholesale   Xin Ban Zhang Raw Pu-erh Maocha  
  Mengku Loose Raw Pu Erh
2014 Da Qing Shan
Art No PQS31
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  2012 Mengku Loose Raw Pu Erh
Da Xue Shan Ancient Tree
Art No PRA32
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  XinBanZhang Loose Raw Pu Erh
2012 Ancient Tree Maocha
Art No PBZ04
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    Aged Wild Puerh Tea    
  Man Zhuan Loose Raw Pu Erh
Ancient Tree 2014 Spring
Art No PMZ15
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  Wild Purple Bud Arbor Raw Pu Erh
Jing Mai Shan 2012 Spring
Art No PRW21
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  Naka Loose Raw Pu Erh
Arbor Tree 2014 Spring
Art No PNK53
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  Mengku Loose Raw Pu Erh Wholesale   Nan Nuo Shan Loose Raw Pu Erh Tea Wholesale    
  Mengku Najiao Loose Raw Pu Erh
Ancient Tree 2014 Spring
Art No PEM24
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  Nan Nuo Shan Loose Raw Pu Erh
Arbor Tree 2014 Spring
Art No PNN37
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  Ban Pen Loose Raw Pu Erh
Ancient Tree 2013 Spring
Art No BPA21
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  Aged Loose Raw Pu Erh Tea          
  Aged Loose Raw Pu Erh
Bu Lang Shan 1999 Spring
Art No PBL81
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