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Phoenix Dancong Oolong is produced at the mountain called Phoenix Mountain, Chaozhou, Guangdong province. This mountain consists of a number of peaks. Due to the outlook that resembles the shape of the legendary phoenix, it is called the Phoenix Mountain. Phoenix Mountain is home to rare 'tea trees' - tea plants that grew as a single trunk, 15 to 30 feet high. The Phoenix Dancong Oolong is also called Feng Huang Oolong. Feng Huang means phoenix in Chinese. In fact, customers, particularly who live in North America or Europe often call Phoenix Oolong as "Dan Cong Tea". The name "Dan Cong" refers to the semi-wild bush. The meaning of Dan Cong is opposite to Garden Tea. In the tea garden, tea is planted in columns and the tea trees are trimmed regularly in order to maintain the desired height, shape and size. As for Dan Cong, it is the tea tree that grows independently and randomly in the wild.

Phoenix Dancong Oolong teas are noted for their ability to naturally imitate the flavors and fragrances of various flowers and fruits, such as orange blossom, orchid, grapefruit, almond. Often, these teas are named after what that particular harvest is reminiscent of: 'Honey Fragrance', 'Almond Fragrance', etc.

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  Phoenix Oolong Huang Zhi Xiang   Phoenix Oolong Da Wu Ye   Phoenix Shui Xian Oolong  
  Phoenix Dancong Oolong
Huang Zhi Xiang
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  Phoenix Dancong Oolong
Da Wu Ye
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  Phoenix Dancong Oolong
Shui Xian
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  Phoenix Oolong Mi Lan Xiang   Phoenix Mi Lan Oolong   Phoenix Oolong Yu Lan Xiang  
  Phoenix Dancong Oolong
Mi Lan Xiang
Art No FDZ54
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  Phoenix Dancong Oolong
Mi Lan Xiang
Art No FDZ86
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  Phoenix Dancong Oolong
Yu Lan Xiang
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