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Mini Ripe Pu Erh Bricks Wholesale Commodity: Mini Ripe Pu Erh Tea Brick
Synonyms: Ripened Puer Mini Brick Tea
Art.No: PRM17
Place of Origin: Menghai, Yunnan
Vintage: 2010 Spring
Size: 4-5g per brick
Supply Capacity: 300Pics
Shelf Life: No Limit. Keep longer taste better
Packaging: Wrapped in gold paper, 1800Pics/ carton.
Storage: Stored in the dry, clean and ventilated environment >Learn More<
1) For orders above USD3000, pls contact us for details.
2) For tea shops, tea houses or any trial orders below USD 3000:
Oversea Door to Door Wholesale Service is Available!>See Detail<

More Information:

Certification: -
Tea Varietal: Manghai Camellia sinensis var assamica
Harvest Time: Mid April
Production Methods: Picking Fresh Leaves-Indoor Withering- Sha Qing ("Kill The Green”)-Rolling-Sun Drying -Wet Piling-Compress-Drying

In general, a lot of people has a perception that ripe Pu-erh tea gives a moldy, earthy smell, and some even thought it smelt like antique furniture or stinky feet. First of all, the well-made Pu-erh teas shouldn’t give such an unpleasant smell. The strange smells derived from pollution of wrong type of mold or contamination of bacteria when the fermentation is not being correctly carried out. The odor like smelly feet or dried squid is produced by bacteria. In fact, it is doubtful if these teas are safe for consumption.

We carefully select the Mini Ripe Pu Erh Bricks that were perfectly fermented in a right way. As a result, well-made Ripe Pu Erh Tea gives a pleasant fruity flavor. Usually good Ripe Pu-erh has a flavor like dried fruit.

The “Mini Ripe Pu Erh Bricks” are compressed into 4-5g per piece. Each piece of the mini bricks is individually wrapped in gold paper, so it is very handy to carry around; people can even put it in their own pocket. Unlike the conventional Pu-erh which normally exist in a much bigger size (like a piece of pizza or cake), people do not have to dismantle big tea cakes or bricks; instead they can directly brew a piece of Mini Pu Erh Bricks in their teapot.

Preparation Methods:

Put one piece of such Mini Ripe Pu Erh Brick into a teapot. Traditionally, the first infusion rinses and "wakes up" the tea and is then discarded. As with any quality Pu Erh, this tea can be infused 7-10 times. Each infusion should last between 5-10 seconds according to individual taste preference.

>More About How to Prepare and Brew Pu Erh Tea<

Flavor \taste note: Sweet, balanced, harmonious and mildly fruity
Dried leaves: Curl, evenly in brownish auburn
Liquor: Red bright, like amber
Brewed Tealeaves: Bright, fat in brownish auburn
More Photos: Mini Ripe Pu Erh Bricks Wholesale Menghai
Mini Ripe Pu Erh Bricks Menghai Mengsong
Mini Ripe Pu Erh Bricks Vintage 2010
Mini Ripe Pu Erh Bricks Shucha
Mini Ripe Pu Erh Brick Tea
Mini Ripe Pu Erh Brick Brewed Tea



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