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We are always glad to let you review our tea and send you samples totally for free ( free tea and free shipment) if you are:

  • A tea connoisseur who can give us your review of our tea;
  • A tea lover who is enthusiastic about tea and can publish your review of our tea on your website,blog,etc;
  • A member of a tea school, academy or society who need our tea for teaching or study;
  • Anybody who think himself is well positioned to review our tea.

Pls note:

  • The terms don't apply to business tea sample requests;
  • We always try our best to let more and more tea connoisseurs, tea professionals and tea lovers review our tea but we aren't obliged to approve all applications;
  • We usually send tea samples by Airmail and it is expected to arrive in 15-25 days;
  • Please don't be biased in reviewing our teas. If you don't love our tea, pls write your review exactly as you have experienced;
  • Pls give us an email to apply for a tea review at alexa@viconyteas.com. We will send you an email within 48 hours whether your application is approved or not. Pls let us know what tea you are interested in and want to have a review. More information about yourself, although not prerequisite, can greatly help us make a decision of approving your application.

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