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About Vicony Tea Directory

Vicony Tea Directory is a human-edited niche tea directory,created for people in the tea industry.

It is a work of two young men (Alexa and Mark)in Export Department of ViconyTeas who both devoted much time in this huge project for free. It is their passion and hard work that made VTD grow and acclaimed by people in the niche.

chinahint.comA brief Introduction of Each Category

Before you proceed in the directory,pls read about our legal information. At present,we have eight categories. Among them,Tea Importers,Tea Exporters and Tea Wholesalers are all listings of businesses and firms that are involved in tea trade. Each are categorized by countries.

The category of Tea Importers are made of businesses who source tea directly from abroad ( include such of those who import raw materials and export agian after blending,packing or private labelling). Tea Exporters not only consists of tea manufacturers who export directly but also of tea traders and brokers. General food trading firms who deal with tea on a regular basis are also assigned to the two categories. Tea Wholesalers may comprise of tea wholesalers,distributors,packers,and blenders,many of which also sell by retail.

Informative Tea Web has listings of websites we think are useful for people in the industry. If you want to refer to a tea association's website, Tea Association has already prepared almost all of them for you. Tea Encyclopedia and Tea Dictionary Online are two wonderful places we made especially for a novice who need to look for relevant tea information.

Alexa and Mark's Vision

Vicony Tea Directory is totally free. Our two editors Alexa and Mark's vision is to build it into a platform for tea industry people to exchange and share information. Anyone involved in the line is welcome to Add Listing here. Alexa or Mark will review it before listing. We also seek reciprocal links and only add thema at Online Tea Shop, sometimes at Informative Tea Web.

As an open free tea directory,it will thrive only when having wide participation. Anyone is welcomed to work with us. We will appreciate it if you can tell us something you know or help us rectify a mistake. We express our thanks by spotlighting their listings or in some other ways.

Vicony Tea Directory and ViconyTeas

Vicony Tea Directory is owned and supervised by Vicony Teas Company and run and operated by Export Department of ViconyTeas. If you have any questions or want to make a comment,don't hesitate to contact Alexa and Mark. You are also welcomed to contact ViconyTeas.

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