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Dark Tea (Hei Cha) is an unique type of tea made by post fermentation with a more than 400 years history. In China, it is usually called Border-Sale Tea (Bian Xiao Cha), literally, tea sold on borders as it is commonly compressed into forms of bricks and sold in the western minority areas of China. It was even shipped as far as to Russia. Unlike the other types of Chinese Tea that's taste and aroma fade with age, dark tea actually improves with age, making it a favorite of collectors and investors in the modern days.

For people who like delicate green tea, it is hard to get used to the strong and unique taste of dark tea at once while if they stick to drinking it, they would fall in love with the unique mellow flavor of dark tea. During recent years, Dark Tea gained wider and wider popularity partly because its health benefits such as anti-oxidation, anti-aging, detoxification, diuretic to reduce tobacco and alcohol poisoning, lipid-lowering, weight loss, softening of human blood vessels, prevention of cardiovascular disease were realized by more and more people.

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