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This page contains only informative and active tea websites and tea blog. If you want to add a listing here,pls contact me. I will review you site and keep the page updated.                             
                                      -Alexa Wang

            Informative Tea Website

  1. Learn About Tea - Tea Information and Benefits Online Resource Guide
  2. Tea Guide - original information source for enjoying tea wherever you are
  3. Tea and Coffee - The international voice of the tea and coffee industries since 1901
  4. China National Tea Museum - Comprehensive introduction of chinese tea and tea culture with English and Japanese version
  5. - The tea industry looks to The Tea Association of the USA, Inc., The Tea Council of the USA, and the Specialty Tea Institute (STI) for its wholesale and retail needs
  6. Tea Views - an online collective of tea lovers and reviewers from across the United States and Canada
  7. Jane Pettigrew - A tea web owned by tea specialist historian writer & consultant Jane Pettigrew
  8. Law of Tea - a US website dedicated to tea law issues
  9. Tea and Sympathy - A non-commercial source of information on tea, including the tea FAQ, links to various merchants, and information on tea and health
  10. - It is a website that chronicles a webmaster's quest to discover and publish the truth about Puerh
  11. Chinese Teas 101 - It's original first-hand Chinese tea experience of Kam and a group of happy tea drinkers
  12. Amazing Green Tea - Amazing-Green-Tea is dedicated to helping people appreciate the wonders of tea and other healthy beverages
  13. Crazy For Tea - Crazy for Tea is a resource website to help you navigate and learn about the 100's of different types of teas, available to us today.
  14. Tea Guardian - an independent commentaries and reference guide for traditional fine teas. Topics include the nature of various varieties of tea, tea and health, tea-making and serving, tea selection guide and other frequent questions about tea.
  15. Tea Encyclopedia - a professional encyclopedia of tea, all up with tea-related knowledge.
  16. Tea News Direct - All the latest news from the world of tea: Tea Health Benefits, Tea Culture, Tea Industry News, Tea Product News, Tea Houses and more!

            Top Ten Tea Blogs

  1. Tea Ching
  2. A Tea Addict's Journal
  3. The Half Dipper
  4. Lainie Sips
  5. World Of Tea
  6. Walker Tea Review
  7. Tea Guy Speaks
  8. Tea Geek
  9. Sororitea Sisters
  10. Tea Masters Blog

           Other Tea Webs and Pages

            Friendly Website

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