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Wholesale Chinese Tea From ViconyTeas

The oversea door to door wholesale service is mainly aimed at supplying oversea tea shops, tea houses and tea retailers with fresh quality Chinese tea.


Tea Wholesale Catalogue

Pls download the PDF catalogs, which are the best way of knowing about our latest wholesale products

The Whole Catalog: Tea Wholesale Catalogue (PDF-2.34M)

For you convenience, you can also only download the Catalogs of a specific type of tea

Black Tea Catalog: Black Tea Wholesale Catalogue (PDF-451K)
Green Tea Catalog: Green Tea Wholedsale Catalogue (PDF-429K)
Oolong Tea Catalog: Oolong Tea Wholesale Catalogue (PDF-482K)
White/ Yellow Tea Catalog: White /Yellow Tea Wholesale Catalogue (PDF-252K)
Dark/ Pu-erh Tea Catalog: White /Yellow Tea Wholesale Catalogue (PDF-185K)
Scented/ Herbal Tea: Dark, Scented, Herbal Tea Catalogue (PDF-170K)
Organic Tea Catalog: Organic Tea Catalogue (PDF-230K)
Powdered Tea Catalog: Powdered Tea Catalogue (PDF-109K)
Flowering Tea Catalog: Flowering Tea Catalogue (PDF-202K)


Tea Wholesale Enquiry

Contact Person: Alexa Wang

E-mail: wholesale@viconyteas.com


Tea Wholesale Procedure

Pls note: All you need to do are only three steps
Email us at wholesale@viconyteas to request the latest price list
1) You may download tea wholesale catalogue or explore main products before requesting a price list;
2) Pls email us with your necessary information;
3) You'd better let us know your intended tea names and potential order quantity.
We will reply with latest tea price list as well as any other updated information. We will reply within one business day.
Step 2
Download commercial invoice here, fill it and send it back to us
1)Pls indicate your business name (or your name) address,art number,product name,order quantity;
2)Pls choose and show in invoice from the shipping methods (See shipping methods available)and the payment methods(See payment methods).
We will send invoice back to you with transport fee and other relevant information 1) The transport fee varies with shipping methods, total order weight and your destination;
2) We will send it back within one business day.
Fulfill your payment after confirming the invoice
We accept payment by western union, T/T, or PAYPAL.
We will ship your package within five business days after confirming your payment We will inform you of shipment via email.


Tea Wholesale FAQ

How can I place my order?
Pls see wholesale procedure.

Is there a MOQ (minimum order quantity) I have to buy?
Currently, the MOQ is 1 KG per kind.

Are all teas we see in your website available for wholesale?
No. Due to some reasons, currently, we only provide wholesale service for part of our teas. Any tea available for wholesale has a link to the tea wholesale page at its product page. The best way to know about it is to download Tea Wholesale Catalogue.

How many days will it take before shipment after you confirm the payment?
Generally speaking, it will take five business days before we ship your order after the payment while it may take more days if there is a surge of orders or something unexpected happens such as a big snow storm affecting the transportation seriously. Anyway, we will keep you updated about it.

What methods of payment do you accept?
Now, there are three payment methods we accept:
1)T/T via Western Union;
2)T/T to our bank account;
Pls note: a 4% money transfer fee may be charged additionally when you choose PAYPAL payment.

What shipping methods are available?
There are four shipping methods available now:
1)Hong Kong EMS Express
2)EMS Express of China Post;
3)Air Parcel of China Post;
4)SAL of China Post
We may give you our suggestion afer we get to know your order quantity, how many days you can accept and your address.

How much does it cost to ship my order?
We will return the commercial invoice to you with transport fee on it. Pls choose your shipping method on the invoice before sending it during tea wholesale procedure step2

When will my package arrive?
We only show the transport time for delivery to the EU, North America and Australia in Chart 1 below. The time is only for reference and it may vary in reality. You can contact us for delivery time to other areas while we can't guarantee the package would arrive within that time as transportation is beyond our control.

Is my package trackable?
Pls see Chart 1 below. Air parcel and SAL are both registered services with a delivery confirmation number. This delivery confirmation number is NOT a tracking number. Tracking numbers are available ONLY if you use EMS Express services.

What do the different standards in the wholesale pricelist mean?
1) " EU Standards": The teas labelled as " EU Standards" mean they have been tested and proved to have passed " EU Standards" testing in the latest three years in succession or in the current year and have never failed in such testing;
2) "EU Standards"(in italics): The teas labelled as " EU Standards" mean they have been tested and proved to have passed " EU Standards" testing at least once and haven't failed in such testings during the latest two years;
Pls note: For teas we sourced from the other tea manuafacturers, there is probably something beyond our control although we always try to keep constant eyes on them. The most reliable way to prove whether the batch of the tea you purchase can reach the "EU standards" or not is still to send the samples to the labs either in China or in your own countries for testing. If you order in large quantity especially for commercial purpose, we strongly recommend you do so particularly for EU customers.
3) "Organic Certified: The teas are made by organic certified tea manufacturers;
4) "-": The teas can reach the Chinese national tea safe standards but neither are made by organic tea manufacturers nor have been made for " EU Standards" testing within the latest two years.

How do I track my package?
As soon as your package is shipped, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of your shipment that will include a tracking number or a delivery confirmation number (See the difference in previous question). Your package is only trackable when shipped by EMS Express. You can go to www.ems.com.cn to select English version /tracking/online tracking to track it.

Chart 1
HK EMS Express 3-7 days real-time tracking registered
EMS Express 7-8 days real-time tracking registered
Air Parcel 14-21days no tracking registered
SAL 21-35 days no tracking registered
Pls note: The above transit time is only for delivery to the EU, North America and Australia. The time for Air Parcel and SAL is not guaranteed and sometimes varies widely. For example, for SAL, it usually takes only 12 days to the UK or France but sometimes may take more than 35 days to the two countries.

When can I claim a refund if I am unable to receive package?
If your package does not arrive within the following specified time and the package was never signed for (i.e. never delivered) We will provide a full refund of purchase cost and shipping.
SAL: after 60 days of payment sent
Airmail: after 40 days of payment sent
Pls note: Clearance at destination customs is beyond our reach. We are sorry to say we takes no responsibility for any failure of delivery resulted from destination customs.

What is your return policy?
If an order is short shipped, if the wrong product was sent, or if merchandise is damaged or defective, We will issue a full credit for product cost. No partial returns will be accepted, and merchandise must be sent back in original individual and case packaging. Shipping costs on returned merchandise are at the customer's expense. If you opt to return acceptable merchandise, you will be charged a 20% restocking fee. Merchandise may be returned within 30 days of receipt. No returns will be accepted after 30 days.

Do you offer payment terms?
ViconyTea currently does not offer special payment terms for the wholesale service. All orders must be paid in full before shipment. You may consult payment terms for bulk import at export@viconyteas.com.

What kind of package do you use for tea wholesale?
We commonly pack tea into aluminum foil bags which can protect tea against moisture. A layer of foam is being wrapped outside to prevent being crushed. The default package size is 500g. Upon request, we can also pack tea into aluminium foil pouches of sizes such as 200g,250g (for some kinds of tea, it may be charged additionally). Pls indicate your packing requirement on the commercial invoice you sent us.

Is my personal information kept private?
ViconyTea is committed to keeping your personal information private. We will not sell or transfer any of your personal or business data or transaction records to any other parties. We only release our customers' information on Vicony Tea Directory on the condition that we receive their request for being listed.



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