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Compared to Lapsang Souchong tea (the oldest black tea in the world), Keemun Black Tea has a relatively short history. It was invented by Yuanlong Hu in 1875 while soon gained popularity in England, and became the most prominent ingredient of high class English Breakfast tea. Over the years, Keemun Tea continued to take the world by storm. A two-times gold medallist in World Exposition Fair, the unique aroma is said to rival any of the Darjeelings and Ceylon. A tantalizing blend of fruit, honey and floral, the Keemun aroma is a charming experience. The taste, often described by foreigners as "Chinese sweetness", is well balanced and distinctive.

Having been in keemun tea production for more than 120 years, ViconyTeas always prides itself on its quality keemun black tea which are sought after by tea connoisseurs. Here you can find keemun black tea of various types and grades, and detailed information about each of them. As a keemun black tea manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler, ViconyTeas has been trying its best to provide you with the keemun tea at reasonable prices.

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  Keemun Hao Ya A   keemun hao ya b   Keemun Aromatic snail tea  
  Keemun Hao Ya A
Art No HA16
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  Keemun Hao Ya B
Art No HB39
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  Keemun Aromatic Snail
Art No DA86
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  Keemun Mao Feng   Premium Qimen Mao Feng   Gift Qimen Tea-Hong Mao Feng  
  Keemun Mao Feng Tea
Art No DX24
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  Premium Qimen Mao Feng
Art No TA75
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  Gift Hong Mao Feng
Art No FE43
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  keemun black tea special grade   1st Grade keemun black tea   2nd Grade keemun black tea  
  Keemun Special Grade
Art No GS21
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  Keemun 1st Grade
Art No NW78
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  Keemun 2nd Grade
Art No HE96
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  keemun tea 3rd grade   keemun black tea 4th grade   5th grade keemun black tea  
  Keemun 3rd Grade
Art No AE12
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  Keemun 4th Grade
Art No ZB29
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  Keemun 5th Grade
Art No MD47
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  Qimen Golden Needle Tea   Hong Mu Dan- Keemun Peony Tea Flowers   Keemun Dragon Pearl Tea  
  Qimen Golden Needle Tea
Art No NZ62
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  Keemun Peony Tea
Art No KP72
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  Keemun Dragon Pearl Tea
Art No DP58
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  keemun black tea 6th grade   keemun black tea fanning   keemun black tea dust  
  Keemun 6th Grade
Art No PH73
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  Keemun Black Tea Fanning
Art No BF54
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  Keemun Black Tea Dust
Art No BS67
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  keemun congou black tea          
  Keemun Congou Black Tea
Art No --
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