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The Disadvantages of Green Tea

Green tea is no doubt very useful and advantageous for our health. But since it contains caffeine, therefore there is always a doubt.

Here are the disadvantages of drinking this kind of tea:

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  • Too much caffeine can cause nausea, insomnia or frequent urination.
  • Scientists have warned the users that intake this tea in large amounts can pose danger to the kidney as well as the liver.
  • Derived products from this kind of tea can pose a threat to your health as they contain polyphenols in large quantities.
  • Pregnant women have been advised to lower their intake of these types of teas or eliminate it from your diet completely. EGCG can interfere with the child's growth which can create complications.

Green tea is prohibited for pregnant women. This is because the compound EGCG can severely affect the way in which folate is working in the body. Apart from EGCG another compound named methotrexate also affects the body when it reacts with an enzyme called DHFR. Otherwise in normal people this chemical helps fighting against the cancerous growths in cells.

In pregnant ladies only reducing the amount in which it is consumed cannot minimize the effect of these chemicals. The other risks, which it poses in a pregnant lady, are:

  • Low birth weight
  • Premature birth
  • In some cases fatal death.

But such severe side effects were witnessed in cases of high intake.

Green tea can pose various side effects for you if:

  • You are sensitive to caffeine: If this is the case with you then restlessness, irritation, sleeping problems, tremors, heart palpitations and loss of appetite can be the problems you can face.
  • You have a sensitive stomach:  Stomach related problems are very common with people consuming green tea. So you should add more milk and sugar if you notice these symptoms.
  • You are young: Young children are advised not to drink coffee or tea because their body may not be comfortable and it may over stimulate them.

Green tea when consumed in average volume has no threats. But, it's fair to warn you what the complications could be.  Just like with most things, too much of a good thing can be bad, and the same is true for green tea.

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