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  Huo Qing Tea- Dried Tea Leaves

Huo Qing Tea(火青茶)

Huo Qing Tea Introduction

Huo Qing Tea resembles Gunpowder tea but it is actually a much higher quality tea. Gunpowder is made in Zhejiang province with low quality leaves while Huo Qing Tea is made in Anhui province with one bud two leaves system, more tasty. The astringency throughout the mouth sustains the notes well. It is a overwhelming green tea for those who prefer strong flavour.

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Yong Xi Huo Qing(涌溪火青)

  brewed tea leaves of huo qing tea
  Brewed leaves of Huo Qing Tea

Huo Qing Tea was first produced in an Village named Yong Xi in Anhui province so it was commonly called Yong Xi Huo Qing in China.

Huo Qing Tea was tightly rolled, dark, glossy leaves with a few more yellowy shades. It is called as jade fire as the tea has been fired over charcoal. It unfurls in the cup to produce a lovely scene. The distinctively rich and smooth floral flavor presents a pleasant balance of astringency and sweetness with a long and refreshing aftertaste. The tea has a strong, vegetal and lasting flavour. As it has been fired by charcoal during the process, it has a unique light smokey fragrance.

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