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  ding gu da fang tea
  Da Fang Tea- Dried Tea Leaves

Da Fang Tea(大方茶)

What is Da Fang Tea

Ding Gu Da Fang Tea (顶谷大方)also named Zhupu Da Fang or Zhuye Da Fang is seen as one of Chinese top ten teas by some chinese tea experts. Like Longjing tea,it has sharp flat shapes for similar production process. In fact some chinese tea experts thought it was ancestor of Longjing tea while it is hard to verify it now and debate remains. What is more accepted is that Da Fang tea is the earliest tea with flat shapes.

In many chinese tea lovers'eyes,Da Fang tea is one of rare green teas. For some,it is even better than Longjing tea. Da Fang tea is produced in lao Zhuling(老竹岭)mountain and Fu quanshan(福全山)mountain of She county(歙县),(It is a mistake to call it Xi county including in Wiki.Because it (歙) is a character only used in the name of the county,many Chinese don't know it and always read it wrongly.)Anhui province. The dried leaves of Da Fang tea take on yellowish green colour with sleek and flat shapes. Its buds are usually hidden and covered with golden down. When brewed,the liquor gives long-standing fragrance with nice and sweet aftertaste. As the result of difference in drying process,Da Fang tea is divided into two types,one is called Zhong huo (重火) and the other Qing Huo(轻火). The first type features aroma like chestnut while the latter one gives a brisk and delicate taste.

Ding Gu Da Fang Tea Wholesale

The tea is now being considered by many experts to have special effect in reducing weight.

Legend of Da Fang Tea

Legend has it that,during the Song and Yuan Dynasties,on the top of Lao Zhuling Mountain,there was an old Buddhist temple in which a Buddhist monk named as Da Fang lived. When people visited his temple,he always entertained them with tea made by himself. His tea is so excellent in taste and flavor that it became popular and attracted many people to his temple. By the time of Qing Dynasty,Da Fang tea has been listed as tribute imperial tea.

Da Fang Tea Producing Areas

Da Fang tea is made of tea leaves plucked in tea gardens all located in lao Zhuling(老竹岭)mountain and Fu quanshan(福全山)mountain of She county(歙县),Anhui province. Both two mountains are at altitudes above 1000 meters. The steep mountains covered with dense bamboo forests is so high that clouds are floating around the peaks. Mountainous geography and abundant rainfall creates an unique local climate which combined with fine acid red soil with a cover of sand makes ideal conditions for growing tea trees.

Plucking of Da Fang Tea

Ding Gu Da Fang tea is plucked before Grain Rain. When buds are just developed,only one bud and two leaves are plucked. Ding Gu Da Fang can be harvested during three seasons,spring,summer and autumn. The tea harvested in spring is considered to be best in quality. Ordinary Da Fang tea is plucked between Grain Rain and summer begins and made of young shoots with one bud and two or three leaves.

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