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Raw Pu Erh Pearls Wholesale Commodity: Premium Raw Man Song Pu Erh Pearl
Synonyms: Man Song Sheng Puer Dragon Pearl Tea
Art.No: PMY12
Place of Origin: Mengla, Yunnan
Vintage: 2015 Spring
Size: 9-12g per pic
Supply Capacity: 30KG
Shelf Life: No Limit. Keep longer taste better
Packaging: 25kgs/ carton, aluminum foil bag inside, more packaging options available upon your request
Storage: Stored in the dry, clean and ventilated environment >Learn More<
1) For orders above USD3000, pls contact us for details.
2) For tea shops, tea houses or any trial orders below USD 3000:
Oversea Door to Door Wholesale Service is Available!>See Detail<

More Information:

Certification: -
Tea Varietal: Camellia sinensis var assamica
Harvest Time: Mid April
Production Methods: Picking Fresh Leaves- Indoor Withering-Sha Qing ("Kill The Green”)-Rolling- Sun Drying

During Chenghua Years of Ming Dynasty, an unnamable local official selected the famous tea of “Six Big Tea Mountains” in order to get promoted. At last, he chose the Pu Erh Tea produced at Mansong of Yibang Mountain due to its preferable favor and its magical upright spirit after being immersed into the hot water. Xianzong Emperor spoke highly of this Mansong tea and appointed it as the tribute tea for the royal court. Yibang Tea Mountain became famous since then and Mansong Village became widely known as the “5,000 KG Tribute tea per year”. Qing Government built a bridleway from Kunming, Puer to Yibang and Yiwu Tea Mountain in 1845. Mansong Pu Erh tea absorbs the essence of the heaven and earth. Spring buds with small leave, really don’t look like the larger leave species, however, it has mild and delicate taste, long-lasting tea flavor.

The Premium Raw Pu Erh Pearls with typical Mansong Pu Erh characters were made of tealeaves harvested from tea trees of dosens of years or even more than 100 years in Beiyingshan Mountain of Mansong. They were about 9-13g each one so it is very handy to carry around. Unlike the conventional Pu-erh which normally exist in a much bigger size (like a piece of pizza or cake), people do not have to dismantle big tea cakes or bricks; instead they can directly brew a piece of them in their teapot.

Preparation Methods:

We recommend that you brew the raw Pu Erh Pearl with a teapot or a glass of capacity more than 250ml. Important: brewing time should be no more than 20 seconds for the first time, no more than 5 seconds for the following times.

For the actual brewing, it does not require long infusion time like preparing other kinds of teas. Instead, you have to brew it in the "touch and go" style. As soon as you pour the glass full, and then immediately pour out the tea liquor. It is recommended to accumulate the 1st and 2nd infusion into a pitcher in order to even out the flavor and taste. For each subsequent brewing, no more than 5 second is recommended. By brewing in such "touch and go" style, you can brew up to nearly 20 times.

>More About How to Prepare and Brew Pu Erh Tea<
Flavor \taste note: Refreshing, smooth with flowery aroma and lingering aftertaste
Dried leaves: Tight and slender tea leaves in dark and yellow color
Liquor: Clear golden yellow liquid
Brewed Tealeaves: Elastic tealeaves in green color
More Photos: Raw Pu Erh Pearls
Uncooked  Pu Erh Pearls
Sheng Pu Erh Pearls
Raw Pu Erh Dragon Pearls
Raw Pu Erh Pearls Infusion
Raw Pu Erh Pearls Leaves



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