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Wholesale Yun Wu Tea Commodity: Huangshan Yun Wu Tea
Synonyms: Huangshan Cloud and Mist Tea
Art.No: HYW01~03
Place of Origin: Huangshan, China
Supply Capacity: 800KG
Shelf Life: Two Years
Packaging: 25kgs/ carton, aluminum foil bag inside, more packaging options available upon your request
Storage: Stored in a well-closed container away from moisture and light
1) For orders above USD3000, pls contact us for details.
2) For tea shops, tea houses or any orders below USD 3000:
Oversea Door to Door Wholesale Service is Available!>See Detail<

More Information:

Certification: IMO Organic Certified
Tea Varietal: Huangshan Indigenous Cultivar
Harvest Time: Early April
Farming Methods: Biodynamic Organic Farming
Production Methods: Orthodox (plucking-withering-rolling-pan frying-packing)

Literally translated into Cloud and Mist Tea, Huangshan Yun Wu Tea seen as the predecessor of Huangshan Mao Feng Tea by Chinese tea experts is famous for its dense flavor, bright look, fragrance and clear liquor.

Savoring the tea, you will find it mellow and delicate in taste. Huangshan Yun Wu Tea is endued with high level of theanine, rich tannins and vitamins by the cooling and misting climate and ideal growing environment of Huangshan Mountain. It tastes sweet and crisp, with hint of unique nutty and fruity notes.

Preparation Methods: 1. Put 2g Huangshan Yun Wu Tea into a glass;
2. Pour into the glass 100ml 80°C water;
3. Brew for 1-2 minutes. One minute for delicate taste, two minutes for stronger taste;
4. Huangshan Yun Wu Tea stands up to three to four brewing.
Flavor \taste note: Mellow, delicate with sweet aftertaste
Dried leaves: Greenish, in slender shape with twist and turns
Liquor: Green color with luster
Brewed Tealeaves: Green tealeaves
More Photos: Huangshan Yun Wu Tea | Cloud and Mist Tea
Brewed Huangshan Yun Wu Tea | Cloud and Mist Tea



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