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  junshan yinzhen yellow bud tea
  Yellow Bud Tea- Junshan Yinzhen

Yellow Tea(黄茶)

What is yellow tea

Yellow tea is a rare type of tea which is slowly gaining recognition in western countries. It is produced only in China with a long history. As the name suggests, yellow tea is yellow in color—both the leaves and the infusion. This color is acquired by adding an extra step during production, called "Sealed Yellowing" (闷黄)which is a slow oxidation process of tea polyphenols such as catechin. This unique step make it weet, mellow and bright yellow in color, while without any hint of grassy taste characteristic of green tea.

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Varieties of Yellow Tea:

  • Junshan Yinzhen(君山银针): a kind of yellow bud tea(黄芽茶), made of singular tea buds,originally produced in Junshan Island, Dongting Lake of Hunnan province, the only yellow tea that ranks among chinese 10 most famous teas;
  • Mengding Huangya(蒙顶黄芽): a kind of yellow bud tea(黄芽茶)with flat straight form, mainly produced in Mengshan, Sichuan province;
  • Huoshan Huangya(霍山黄芽): a kind of yellow bud tea mainly produced in Dabieshan of Huoshan, Anhui province;
  • Yellow Little Leaf Tea(黄小茶): a kind of yellow tea made of tea shoots combined with one bud and one or two delicate leaves, including Weishan Maojian(沩山毛尖),Beigang Maojian(北港毛尖),Yuan'an Luyuan(远安鹿苑),Wenzhou Huangtang(温州黄汤);
  • Yellow Large Leaf Tea(黄大茶): a kind of yellow tea made of tea shoots combined with one bud and two to five tea leaves, including Huoshan Yellow Large Leaf Tea(霍山黄大茶),Baiyun Tea(白云茶), Guangdong Dayeqing(广东大叶青).
  mengding huangya yellow bud tea Yellow large leaf tea- huoshan huang  Da Cha
  Yellow Bud Tea- Mengding Huangya Yellow Large Leaf Tea- Huoshan Huang Da cha

Health benefits of Yellow Tea

Yellow tea belongs to fermented tea. As a great deal of Digestive enzyme occured during its smothering process (Men-huang, 悶黄), a slow oxidation process, yellow tea is much beneficial for the spleen and stomach. It is good at correcting indigestion,stimulating appetite and helping losing weight.

The natural substance which is effective in anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory is remained up to 85% in yellow tea after processing, making it having its own distinctive health benefits. Recent scientific studies found yellow tea rich in tea polyphenols, polysaccharide, vitamins and amino acids has special effect on preventing and curing esophageal cancer.

How to Brew Yellow Tea

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